"Logic will get you from A to B...
Imagination will take you anywhere."
Albert Einstein

In the early stages of any marketing project, having added thinking at hand is a great resource.

Not only does it help move things along, but it is brilliant at spotting unseen opportunities or helping to tease out possible problems.

Extremely useful in the development of accurate creative briefs (saves a lot of tears, tantrums and money), we have even produced test ads for new and potential product development projects. This allows you to test the direction and tone the future communication will take, so it can be tuned to suit budget/timeframe.

Marketing strategy development becomes a much smoother process with the introduction of some extra, focused thinking It can be a real help to unblock a plan that is stuck, and going nowhere fast.

And yes, we know our way around a research document.

Clients include: Diageo, Glanbia, Elida Fabergé, Waterford crystal, Coke.